Personnel Services

CTC has numerous contracts providing personnel support at the national and state agency level. We have placed over 300 contract employees in various locations throughout the country.

When you select CTC contract personnel, you get our whole team. CTC has the internal resources to provide advice and assistance in all aspects of contract management. For example, our contracting specialist has over 27 years of experience in government Contracting and Purchasing. With resources like this to draw upon, CTC can advise and assist our customers in the successful navigation of the contracting process.

Sample client list:

U.S. Army
Brooke Army Medical Center, Administrative Support
Army National Guard
Recruit Sustainment Program (in 12 states)
Army National Guard
Education Liaison Program (in 26 states)
Army National Guard
Recruiting & Retention Command Support (in 11 states)
Army National Guard
Fort Chaffee, Instructors and Training Support
Army National Guard
Regional Training Institute, Instructors
Army National Guard
State Surgeon, Medical Support Specialist
Army National Guard
USPFO, Contracting and Accounting Support (in 2 states)
Army National Guard Bureau
Army Installations Div., Training Support
U.S. Navy
Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Medical Clerks


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